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I have made so many stupid mistakes and I just cannot believe that God could see anything positive in them. (from George in Ventersdorp)

Posted: 08 Mar 2012

God’s one-of-a-kind job description is that God actually uses our problems to lead us to the full solution. God is the perfect Recycler, and in the economy of grace, nothing is wasted, not even our worst sins and our most stupid mistakes. We only become enlightened as the ego dies to its pretences, and we begin to be led by Soul and Spirit. That dying is something we are led through by the grace of God and by confronting our own shadow. As we learn to move into a Larger Realm, we will almost naturally weep over those sins, as we recognise that we are everything that we hate and attack in other people. Then we begin to become and to live the Great Mystery of compassion.


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