Soul Provider has grown from a small email meditation to a few friends to a daily, international, interdenominational communication to thousands of subscribers.  It goes to individual subscribers like yourself but it is also received in prisons, the armed forces and expatriate communities where it is copied and distributed and its reach is incalculable. It is also broadcast on Radio to over 145,000 listeners every week.

Of course, the Daily Meditation is only one aspect of the work of Soul Provider. We also supports causes such as the Immaculata Shelter for the homeless in Rosebank Johannesburg, the Metropolitan Evangelical Service, which feeds and supports the destitute in downtown Johannesburg, and the Peter Jackson Project which cares for children orphaned by AIDS in Diepsloot.

It has become a major Christian apostolate and this has necessitated the formation of a Trust to manage its operations professionally. 

We have been officially recognised as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No. 930028235) and as such have been granted a Tax Exempt status under Section 56 (Donations Tax exempt) by SARS. The Trust has been approved for purposes of section 18A(1)(a) and (b) of the Income Tax Act and donations to the Trust will be tax deductable in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Act.

Please consider whether you would like to contribute to the financial support of Soul Provider.  An online operation still needs staff, office space, utilities, phone service, and supplies. There are some additional expenses for servers and bandwidth. We have to provide for the delivery of information and ideas, in this case through server and database management, computer networking, programming and interface design. We must respond to subscriber needs, correct problems, answer emails, manage accounts. There is overhead associated with staff and thousands of visitors. An online services must pay for editorial work. This includes the collection, selection, editing, writing and effective visual packaging of the news, information and ideas it is our daily task to communicate.

If one really cares about our Faith, these jobs need to be performed by highly talented professionals, who are especially well-educated, broadly read, emotionally balanced, and deeply committed to the Christian life. 

The Soul Provider Trust’s staff has invested thousands of hours in all the tasks enumerated above. In order to do everything that our users want us to do, we need collaborators in funding the work. That is, we need a certain amount of direct user support in the form of donations.

What we need to ask and hope for now is major contributions from our users. Many users examine their charitable giving at the end of each calendar year. They want to make sure they have met their tithing goals and/or they wish to consider the impact of additional giving on their tax situation. We need to urge our users to consider both of these things in the light of the importance they place on our work. And we need a good number of them to participate in the apostolic work of The Soul Provider Trust by making financial contributions.

To make it easy for you to help, Soul Provider has established two simple fully secure contribution mechanisms. 

1. A 6-Monthly Contribution using the MyGate system which is both easy for contributors to use and has a low payment administration fee.

You can  use this mechanism to contribute R60 every 6 months (R10 a month)  by simply clicking on the DONATE button on the right of this page and then completing the payment procedure. This will result in you having R60 (or more if you wish) charged to your credit or debit card account in a safe and secure way once every 6 months.

Should you wish, at any time, to discontinue contributing R60 once every 6 months, simply click on the Cancel Your Bi-Annual Donation button on the same page.

2. A Once-Off Lump Sum Donation

Simply transfer an amount of your choice to our bank account by EFT:

The Soul Provider Trust

First National Bank

Account Number 62185828369

Branch Code 256205


The Soul Provider Reflections on YouTube are