Connection Failure wings to the mind, a soul to the universe, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, a life to everything.


The mission of the Soul Provider Trust is to make God visible in the World. Do you think we have done that effectively in 2014?

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The jack of all trades seldom is good at any.  Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.

29 May 2015 Radio Broadcast: Friday Devotion
31 May 2015 Sermon: The Most Holy Trinity
05 Jun 2015 Radio Broadcast: Friday Devotion
07 Jun 2015 Sermon: Body and Blood of Christ
12 Jun 2015 Radio Broadcast: Friday Devotion
14 Jun 2015 Sermon: 11th Sunday of the Year
19 Jun 2015 Radio Broadcast: Friday Devotion
21 Jun 2015 Sermon: 12th Sunday of the Year
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I dislike the values of a certain popular car-sharing service, which has shown itself to be shameless in its predatory pricing. Yet my wife and I use of this service for our teens on weekends so that they can travel safely. Is this ethical? 04/03/2015

If you participate in capitalist consumer culture at all, you are constantly navigating one part of ... Read More

I have recently been in a lot of pain. Can spirituality help me to get rid of it? Michael in Pretoria 10/04/2014

Don’t get rid of the pain until you’ve learned its lessons. When you hold the pain consciously and t... Read More

Do you think that suffering can bring us to God? Jill in Camps Bay 10/04/2014

The genius of Jesus’ ministry is that he reveals that God uses tragedy, suffering, pain, betrayal, a... Read More

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